Raised Bed Garden is ideal for the elderly gardener

Gardeners who are aging would do themselves a favor by looking at the benefits of a raised bed garden system. If a gardener has created his beds in the traditional way all of their life, the whole plan may be uncomfortable at first since some things are done directly opposite of the traditions they are used to having. But if they are willing to be open minded about it for at least a season, they are sure to be won over by their new raised bed garden.

Very few people in the world have never had hanging baskets or some sort of container to hold pretty flowers near their front door. These containers are a type of raised bed gardening, just on a very small scale. Think about how often a container of pretty flowers needs to be weeded. Maybe the occasional bad seed will sprout, but they are easy to see because only one small area needs to be looked at, and that area is much closer to the eye so the weed can be spotted when it is smaller and easier to pull out.

A raised bed garden is ideal for the elderly gardener in another crucial way: no tilling is required. The simplest way to begin this type of garden is to place a four by four foot box on the ground and fill it with soil. The four by four box could be a real cardboard box or it could be a wooden one purchased at the garden center. Dump the soil in and place a large plant like a tomato or pepper every square foot. Smaller plants can be placed more frequently.

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One Response to “Raised Bed Garden is ideal for the elderly gardener”

  1. Annette
    28. Aug, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    My husband quickly and easily made raised vegetable garden beds similar to your illustrations, and we have been enjoying fresh lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower etc for weeks now. And they were so cheap to make, compared to other options we looked at such as the oval shaped corrogated metal ones. He is now looking at making several more.
    Thanks for your website.

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